Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hey fisherman!
Two weeks ago I set out to fish for some bass in the blustery, cold wind, for the first time at my local pond. Water temps are low, in the low fifties is my guess, because I didn't get as many hits as I wanted, but I did get a bass! Trying out some new bright green large spinner baits, the ones I used in Florida. If it can catch a bass down there, it must have a chance of catching them up here 'round DC. I was working a narrower part of the pond, 'bout fifteen yards wide. I casted within three feet of the other bank, closed my bail and started twitching. I reached the middle of the pond and changed direction. I reeled twice more when I felt a tug. I watch my line tighten as it slowly moved to the right. The bass had the bait in its mouth and was taking it away! I set the hook HARD and strapped in for a fight. She lept in the air a numerous amount of times, showing off her spawning belly and that big ole mouth of hers. When I finally tired her out enough to get her to the bank I bent over and lipped her. I set her down on the bank to snap a photo. As you can see in the picture she had a good size belly, my guess she is about 15-16 inches long and 'bout 3lbs. I let her go and that was the only fish I caught that day.
Keep on fishing!


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