Monday, April 1, 2013

FLORIDA Bass Fishing!!!

Hello Everyone,
Just recently I paid a visit to the old Sunshine State, yep that's rite, Florida baby! I found a good bass fishing guide for the expedition because I've only fished for bass in little ponds, I'm fishing on a lake down here and there are some pigs to be caught. We set out from the dock on a three person rowboat, couple a spinning rods and our hooks of course. I thought it was going to be a total waster of time but the guide was persistent and knew working the shoreline was the smart move, even though I clearly said deeper water was best. First half of the trip we came up dry. I switched to a spinner bait and worked my magic off the shelf. When she hit I almost fell out of the boat I set the hook so hard. Seriously. She fought very well, I tired her out before we tried to lip her. When she came up to the boat I then realized how big she was. Five pounder baby! The guide was like "good fish" like it was nothing. I asked "What is the average for this lake?" "4 or 5 pounds" he replies. I lifted the fish out of the water with my mouth agape, 1) I was astounded by the size of the fish and 2) that this was an average size. The fish was thick and had a spawners belly, fat and full! Snapped a few photos and bam we were done, I gave her a good revamping and let her go. It was a great experience because I also caught two more one pounders and also hooked up with at least an eight pounder, or at least the guide thought it was.
Keep on fishing!


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