Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bass Fishing

I will say up front that I am an amateur for bass fishing. I started a year ago, with a twenty dollar Shakespeare spinning rod with i think it was 8lbs test. Now I've upgrade to about a sixty dollar spinning combo. I upgraded my line to 14lbs test Berkley on my Shakespeare because I had to cut the line due to the amount of snagging I did. 'Bout a week ago went out to Dick's and bought three frog lures, a Scum Frog, a Matzuo America Kroaker Frog and the most expensive being the Booyah Pad Crasher. I am new to frogs and I thought I'd give it a shot seeing the big bass being caught with it on YouTube.
My go to lure/bait would have to be a Gary Yamamoto 4in Black Yamasenko. I use an offset hook with a bullet sinker. The pond I fish has a channel at most 5'6 ft across and it is deep, possibly 6 ft deep. Big lunker's hide there because there is a big tree hanging over the channel that creates shade and bass LOVE shade. They have no eyelids so the shade protects there eyes from the sun. I go to that channel every time I fish there and catch an average of a 2-3lbs bass every cast. I just let the worm sit at the bottom and twitch it every 3 seconds. If I don't have a bass in less than a minute, there is something wrong. The largest fish I have caught in this pond is an 7lbs+
I will get more into the bass fishing as I progress into the summer.
Keep fishing!


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