Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Surf Fishing

I fishing around the Indian River Inlet in Delaware. I've fished in the inlet, but never have I had any luck.
My usual setup for the surf is to use my short 5'8 rod (it was 6'5 but tip broke), with a small bottom fish rig with some artificial bait. I use my 9' rod and tie up a bluefish rig usually I use frozen squid, but sometimes I break out the cast net and hope for a 4-5 inch bait fish cruising in the waves. Last summer when I fished this way I caught about 9 or 10 baby Skate and I caught a huge Spot with my little rod, I used it as bait. Anyway I think I found a spawn bed for these things. My buddy, I was fishing with caught two for two (bluefish rig with two hooks). We were excited and astonished at how many Skates we caught.
Keep Fishing!


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