Friday, March 16, 2012

Tip of the Week!

This is a new series of fishing tips for the type of fishing of your choosing! Leave a comment to recommend a fishing tip.

This weeks fishing tip is on Spring fishing for largemouth bass. This can be very effective fishing with the female filled with her eggs can add a pound or so to her weight. When fishing in the middle of Spring try to find shallow warm water, they need warm water to spawn their eggs. When fishing in the shallows, make sure you retrieve your bait as slow as possible. Also, if you know there are big fish in the area keep throwing your bait back, this will make the fish angry and possibly provoke a strike. I find that the best bait to throw is any worm, Carolina rigged. Cast out, reel once, count to three, reel again. Repeat until your bait is on land, guaranteed to catch you a fish in the spring and maybe summer. The worm is the all around best bait to use in any situation, deep water or shallow, cold water or warm, it will make the fish go crazy.

I hope this weekly tip helped you fisherman out there who just like another way of fishing the local pond.
Keep Fishing!


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